Delights of Sfax

The Art of the Brilliant Flavors

DS was founded in 1979 by Mr Mokhtar Lahiani. The outcome of this great man’s passionate work and research coupled with years old expertise in the field of confectionery, is the implementation of authentic recipes of sweets, bubble gums and dragees that have kept a distinct flavour and an authentic aspect.


Sweet pellets at Delices de Sfax are MOLAGOMME ; bubble gums are named DALLAS and NAKKAR.


Insofar as dragees with nuts are concerned, MONDO are confectioned with the world-wild famous and meticulously selected almonds of Sfax, Tunisia. The originality of colours and nuancy also distinguishes MONDO dragees from other varieties.
Dragees with other nuts add up to the originality of DS products.


The latest innovation by DS is a range of products for pastry decoration. These are Perles « Perles d’Amour, Vermicelles et Nonpareilles de Sucre». These pearls of love and vermicelli are confectioned with original colours and nuanaces.


Researching new collections and developing already existing ones never stops at DS, which keeps its repertoire in a constant improvement.